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— Instant Access To A Quick Guide To Creating Profitable Sales Funnels —

Avoid The Mistake Most High-Level Entrepreneurs Make When It Comes To Making 7-Figures

...this book simplifies the process of building profitable sales funnels 

What Is Profit Funnels?

The Profit Funnels eBook is a simple breakdown of what a profitable funnel that actually convert looks like...

And we made sure that this eBook was easy to follow, no matter what niche you're in...

It includes:

1. An Introduction to what a funnel is and how it can actually help your business grow and scale. This is the secret to the true business growth you have been looking for.

2. 3 Stages To A Successful Funnel so you understand what type of offers you should have at each level within the funnel. This will break it down to where you understand why a funnel is profitable, and spark ideas for you to think about how you can apply this in your business.

3. Quick and Easy Funnel Research to help you understand that you do not have to recreate the wheel. The foundation has already been set. All you have to do is dive deep into your industry leaders and understand what is already working and model it.

4. Anatomy of A Profitable Funnel which will help you understand the structure of how a converting funnel should be put together. Once you have an idea of a successful outline; it will be pretty simple to plug your business into the layout

5. Split Testing Your Funnel allows you to understand what variable you should test to produce the best results. This is an important part if you want to actually scale, but it is imperative that you only test one thing at a time.

Everything You Get

  • 25 Page Book Download

    You will receive an electronic copy of Profit Funnels eBook. This book is going to breakdown what the multi-millionaires are doing to generate leads and sales at the highest level. Once you get an understanding of what is actually going on you will be able to do the same things for your business.

  • Profit Funnels Audiobook

    You will have exclusive access to our audiobook as soon as it is finished. There may also be some more gems in the audiobook that we did not include in the eBook for making you wait. The audiobook is for the entrepreneurs who are always on the go.

  • F.U.N.N.E.L.S. Breakdown Training

    You will have access to a FUNNEL breakdown video where JL The Genius let's you know what the abbreviation stands for in his own words. This is the most simple way of understanding the concept of funnels. This training was designed to give you an "ah-ha" moment to make you realize where you are and where you need to be.

  • Top Headline Generator

    You will get JL's top secret headline generator for FREE, so that you can effortlessly create compelling headlines. Use these headlines, for books, funnels, reports, or whatever you choose. This will save you a lot of time and brainpower.

  • Free Funnel Builder Software

    You will get access to an exclusive funnel building program. The best funnel builder on the market, and it is completely FREE. The free version of this software does more than all of the other platforms combined at the FREE level. There is a paid version if you wish to gain lifetime access to everything Groove has to offer, although it is not necessary to run your business.

  • Get Yours For Just $27!

    Claim Your Copy Now...

    For a limited time only, get the Profit Funnels eBook for only $27... plus all the bonuses listed above for FREE!

    What Others Are Saying

    Rick The Wealth Coach

    Really enjoyed reading your book bro.

    Andrea Muhammad

    Thank you for sharing your "Profit Funnels" eBook. It's truly full of information. Know that I will keep reviewing and digesting what you are sharing.

    Profit Funnels

    This Book Will Show You...

    • A simple straightforward way to set up a profitable online business using sales funnels...No fluff, this is the actual overview of what you need to put in place for a success funnel.

    • An entire blueprint will be laid out for you to grow your business and execute more of your ideas. A step-by-step instructional video will be included to show you how to implement what you learn.

    • One of the best high income skills you will ever learn in your business... pg. 4

    • Understanding what is your end goal of the funnel... pg. 7

    • The number 1 way to get attention from people who don't know you... pg. 8

    • 3 major parts of a funnel and what to do to maximize each part... pg. 9-10

    • Main goal for a low cost front end funnel... pg. 14

    • What tools to use to ensure the most success... pg. 16

    • AND MUCH MORE...

    Order Your Digital Copy Today For Only $27!


  • Yes! Get My Copy Now!
    Unlock Instant Access For Only $27

    When You Make A Wise Decision To Grab This Today,

    You’ll Also Get These Bonuses...

    Bonus #1

    Profit Funnel Audiobook ($37 Value)

    You will receive the complete audiobook of Profit Funnels so you can listen anywhere you are. You may not receive this right away but it is coming.

    Bonus #2

    F.U.N.N.E.L.S. Breakdown Training ($97 Value)

    JL The Genius will breakdown the concept of funnels where you understand the process through the acronym FUNNELS.

    Bonus #3

    My Top Headline Generator ($197 Value)

    You will receive my top secret headline generator that helps me come up with all of my headlines at the click of a button.

    Bonus #4

    Funnel Builder Software ($1,997 Value)

    Forget about the two week free trials and the monthly payments. You will now be able to access the best online marketing platform with a free lifetime account.

    "What's The Catch"

    Why would we give away so much value that cost tens-of-thousands of dollars for just $27?

    This is the first book I've put out personally, and you'll learn inside of Profit Funnels that you must have products on the low end in order to Generate Leads.

    Our goal is to help as many people as possible, because some of you will definitely ascend up our value ladder and into our other offerings. But the best way to solidify that we can help you is to over-deliver NOW.

    Make sense?

    Either way, Profit Funnels is a book anyone in the digital world would want in there collection, period.

    You Must Act Fast!

    Time is of the Essence.

    All marketing is a test, and as such this price can go up at any time, especially if the physical book takes off in the future.

    And because of the massive value that's stacked here, we expect floods of orders as is.

    Now imagine if just ONE SINGLE IDEA from this book can help you 2X - 10X your current revenue, ROAS or lead generation.

     - How would that change your business? 

    - How would it change your personal life?

    For just $27, you get the secret sauce broken down in a digital book, audio book, video trainings & strategies to help you SCALE your business easily.

    I've seen hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs generate millions...

    Now it's your turn.

    -JL The Genius

    P.S. - If you are a skimmer that just wants to know what's going on, here's the deal

    I have used my years of knowledge and experience to put together an incredible book that is going to take your business to that NEXT level

    I turned over all of the stones when it comes to creating profitable sales funnels, and want to give you instant access for just $27. Which includes the book, audio version, explanatory videos, and a free funnel building software that doesn't cost you a dime.

    This is not available anywhere else (and if you want the physical copy of the book, you CAN get that on the next page).

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